Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakki DURU


Izmir Institute of Technology
Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics
Urla / Izmir

Tel       : 0 232 750 75 04
Fax      : 0 232 750 75 09
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Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth  : December 6 1946, Bolu

B.S.                  : Physics, University of Ankara, Faculty of Science, 1968

Ph.D.                : Theoretical High Energy Physics, University of Colorado, USA, 1972

Academic Positions:

Teaching Assistant : University of Ankara, Faculty of Science, 1973- 1977
Associate Professor : University of Ankara, Faculty of Science, 1977- 1981
                                      Dicle University, Faculty of Science,  1981-1983
TÜBITAK Senior Scientist: TUBITAK, Research Institute for Basic Sciences, 1984-1990
Professor: Trakya University, Department of Mathematics,  1990-2002
Senior Scientist at Feza Gürsey Institute on a part time consultant, 1990-2002
Senior Scientist at Feza Gürsey Institute on a full time consultant, 2002- 2005
Professor: Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics,  2006-

Member of Academy of Sciences of Turkey (TUBA) : 1994-November 2011
Member of Science Academy Society: November 2011-

Administrative Positions:

Chairman    : Department of Mathematics, Trakya University; 1992-2001
Dean            : Faculty of Arts and Science, Trakya University; 1997-2000
Director       : Feza Gürsey Institute; 2000-2005
Dean            : Faculty of Arts and Science, Izmir Institute of Technology; 2006-November 2010

Research Topics:

Dynamical groups, infinite dimensional field equations, path integrals in Quantum Mechanics, quantum field theory and condensed matter physics, vacuum structure in cosmology and media with electromagnetic fields,particle production, Interrelation between quantum fields and geometry, Aharonov-Bohm and Casimir effects, q-deformation and quantum groups.

Courses taught:

In Physics Department: Introductory physics, (Berkeley series), Statistical Physics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Atomic Physics.
In Mathematics Department: Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Theory Group Representations, Topological Manifolds, p-adic numbers.


NATO scholarship during B.S. studies 1964-1968
NATO Ph.D scholarship at USA, 1968-1972
Alexander von Humboldt scholarship, Berlin, 1978-1980
Trieste, International Center for Theoretical Physics "Associate Member", 1996-2001.

Art Exhibitions :

Arsiv Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, October 1991.
Turco-British Association, Ankara, January 1992.
Devlet Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi, Edirne, January 1993.
Arsiv Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, March 1994.
Turco-British Association, Ankara, January 1995.
Arsiv Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul, November 1996


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